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3 Groups of people that desperately need a Knife Sharpener

In a world that is obsessed with consumer products, many forget to reuse or fix what they currently have. One of the most overlooked things is a simple knife sharpener.  Year after year, millions of people will throw out perfectly good knives because they think they are “too dull.”  The solution is easy, keep your knives sharp, and throw less things allow.

For this post we decided to bring in the true experts from Thesharpestedge.net who know a thing or two about the best knife sharpener money can buy. As their name implies, they know a thing or two about keeping things sharp ;-)

Take it away guys!

a bunch of knife sharpenresWhat most consumers don’t know is that many knife sharpeners can be used on a number of different products. For example, if you own a portable sharpener, it likely can be used on many tools. Depending on your situation, you most likely don’t need a number of sharpeners.

Let’s get this list started:

Chiefs to keep their knives sharper than everyone else.

When you are preparing food it is really important to keep your blades nice and sharp. Without this, it will actually take you longer to prepare your food. With dull knives it is unsafe, takes extra time to cut up meat and veggies, often this is time you simply do not have. Most Chefs love to spend a lot on their knives, but many forgot to get a quality knife sharpener.

For a Chef, I would recommend getting an electric, however a wetstone sharpener, or steel would work fine. Most prefer the eclectic, they tend to get these types of knives the sharpest, and they are the easiest to use. Within a few founds, your knives will be sharp enough to cut the hair off your arm.

Just be careful when your knives are nice and sharp, you don’t want too lose a finger when you are up late working!

Hunters, don’t be cheap, get something that will help your knives last longer.

Hunters love to spend money on their gear, on firearms, bows, arrows, knives, camo, just about everything you can think. However many don’t like to take good care of their arrows and knives. What many do not know is that you can actually sharpen your arrows, knives, and lots of other hunting gear with the same sharpener.  It just depends on what type of sharpener you buy, we would suggest you buy a handheld, this way when you are out in the woods you can quickly sharpen as needed.

A good alternative to the portable is a wetstone. Many hunters prefer this type, as it feels like you are “one with nature and doing it like the olden days.” This one is a bit harder and is something of an art form. With this type of sharpener we recommend you practice on a cheaper knife first.

Construction workers really need to wake up.

Construction workers are pretty similar to hunters; they will spend a lot on their tools, but not a lot maintaining them. You would be surprised at how many workers don’t spend a dime on keeping their tools up to snuff.

What many do not know is, once again similar to hunters; you can use the same product for both knives and tools.  I would once again recommend getting a probable sharpener.   The only downside is that it won’t work for certain products. For example you would need a different sharpener for your chainsaw, you can’t use the same product on both blades.

Final Thoughts:

That about wraps up everything we have to say about underused sharpeners in the workplace. I’m always surprised when I hear about a processional or hunter who completely ignores the face that their knives need to be taken care of. Without doing so, you are truly throwing money away.  Keep sharp and talk next time!



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