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Construction in Long Island and Obtaining the Right Permit

People who live in coastal areas can take advantage of a wide diversity of benefits. From having being able to set out to sea at any time to spending most of their days at the beach, there are a lot of benefits to living near the seas. Though homeowners can take advantage of many different ways to enjoy themselves and relax near or on the sea, there are some disadvantages that they may have to face as well. One of which is getting a permit to build a seawall on their land. Even though they may have ownership of the property, there are laws that govern the ecocystem for the overall areas. So, if a homeowner would like to start a construction project that may adversely affect the area, they will need to obtain the proper permit before calling in a great Long Island bulkhead builder to start and complete the job.

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While getting a permit in some areas of the United States may simply be a formality because its not difficult, this is not true for people in coastal areas like Long Island, NY. As a general rule of thumb, certain projects in these areas can take quite bit of time before it is approved or denied. In fact, homeowners will normally find that any type of construction in these areas may require a relatively lengthy process to obtain a permit. Which means, if the home or business owner would like to build a pier, floating dock, seawall or any type of bulkhead construction, they will need a permit prior to starting construction or it may be halted until it is approved.

As there are some benefits to obtaining a permit for construction, there are also some disadvantages for not getting the proper permit and starting the job as well. One of the top benefits of getting the permit for constructing a seawall on the property is it may increase the value of the property quite substantially. On the other hand, if the homeowner hires a long island bulkhead builder, such as My Dr Dock to start the job prematurely without the right permit, there can be fines levied on both the property owner and the builder.

These fines can be quite substantial since they can range from $1,000 to over $20,000 based on the government agency and the guidelines that they have in place.
Before a homeowner becomes completely unraveled about these rules, guidelines and laws that govern these types of constructions, there are some background facts that the homeowner should know. For instance, one of the main reasons for getting the right permits is the construction that these owners build may affect a wide variety of things as it relates to the ecosystem and other things in the area. From dredging to obstructing the view of their neighbors, these laws are designed to protect everyone who lives in the area including the marine life.

While coastal life can be idea for homeowners in Long Island, there are some drawbacks to property ownership in this area. One of which is starting construction on projects to enhance the land. Since any new construction can affect the area as a whole, it normally requires the right permits that can take months to obtain.

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