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Call Pest Control Before You Buy your Next Home..

Before you run out to buy your new home, many people do not take into account that they may have to first have a Pest Control company stop by. Their are a number of different types of bugs that can make your new home a nightmare. Lets go over a few of them.

Make sure the Bed Bugs Don’t Bite.

Lets face it, this is a huge problem at the moment and you do not want bugs to bite you in your sleep. Their is nothing worse and it defiantly doesn’t feel good. If a house has a serious infestation these types of bugs can go into the walls and make your life miserable, long after the original home owners leave. Before you buy your next home, let a dog that is trained to smell bed bugs go though your home. You would be shocked at what it fines.

Termites – No fun – No wood to Support Your home.

Their is nothing like sitting around watching TV with the full knowledge that Termites are chomping away at your home. It can threaten your home and you might end up not having much left. So much so, that it can devalue your brand new home. Similar to bed bugs, many dogs are also trained to smell these types of bugs and alert if you have them.  Especially with the type of infestation, it is not something you want to wait on. Take care of it immediately.

Welcome to the Bat Cave:

Depending on Where you live, bats can be a problem. For instance if you live in the north east you you might have to find someone who does pest control rochester ny services. In the Upstate New York area, this is a pretty common problem.   More annoying then serious, but is still something you would want to get rid of. You don’t want to go into your attach and have a bat problem. Plus many carry diseases, nothing something you want the kids to be around.

Final thoughts and conclusion:

Before you buy any home, you do not want to only relay on your engineering or home inspector report. They don’t know everything and you should seek out the right person for the right job. Give your local pest control company a call and see what they have to say about the purchase. More often then not, these home inspects for bugs and pest problems is very affordable.  In the long run, it can say you a lot of money and heartache.






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