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Dare to Bare it All in Goa

Over the decades, Goa, the beach capital of India has evolved into a captivating tourist destination from all over the globe. That stretch of the Arabian Sea on the Indian state of Goa was the perfect destination for bikini goers who loved to bare some skin by the sandy beach can gorgeously do it under the tanning heat of the gracious sunshine. Goa was home to some of the world’s best beaches. Let us demystify some of them and their hidden secrets.

Palolem Beach

This crescent shaped beach was still largely unspoiled and unexplored still by both local and foreign tourists. The beach spans about 1 mile long or about 1.61 km and one can observe happenings from one end point to the other due to its crescent shaped beach formation. Big boulders of rocks that juts out in the sea can be found on both ends of the beach serving as distinct markers of the place. Palolem beach was located within the market town of Chaudi in South Goa. Its neighbors include the beaches of Agonda, Patnem and Cola.

Agonda Beach

If you’re looking for that perfect hideaway from everything, Agonda Beach was just about it. Due to its strategic location almost hidden by thick palms and vegetation one can experience complete isolation and absolute relaxation because mobile phones might not be usable and the only alternative means of communication was through a Vodafone. A really perfect seclusion for people who really don’t want to be disturbed and just enjoy perfect peace away from all the hassles in the world. Rooms and bungalows are for rent along the long road parallel to the beach.

Patnem Beach

Another partly isolated beach in Goa where few beachgoers are coming is Patnem. If you love being challenged by the waves, Patnem can be ideal on some days due to its erratic wave surges which might not be for those who just wanted subtle swimming in calm waters. The beach also hosts a string of merchants selling Kashmiri jewelry, clothes and ornaments.

Other small beaches like Calgibag, Cola, Keri and other beach places stretches along the Goa district that one might find ideal due to their unique enchanting tranquility and simple isolation away from the busy and big resorts in the area.  Others are highly commercialized and crowded with old hippy finds like Anjuna and Vagator but nice places for eating, drinking and partying. Renting a scooter to survey the landscapes and other hidden paradise can be a great idea. The simple isolated beaches are perfect places for people who really wanted that hidden great escape.

The stretch of beaches in Goa was a haven for people who wanted that perfect isolation yet wanted to enjoy the beach life by just feeling the sun and the sand with their bare skin just wearing their bikinis. Everyone is welcome dare to bare it all, just have fun and forget everything!

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