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There is still a War on Drugs?

The war on drugs is something many of this generation are well aware of. Millions of dollars are poured into the detection, confiscation, and prevention of drugs and their use. While governments try to keep illegal substances from their citizens, sport organizations have started cracking down on drug use among their athletes. Lance Armstrong is an example of one highly successful athlete that fell from society’s graces when his drug use was exposed. Tyson Gay, the fastest man in the world this year, has been in the news recently after failing his drug test.

drugsGay has not denied using supplements or steroids and merely claims that he was “let down.” His results were the first of many as others announced their failed drug tests too. The news of athletic drug use always sparks public outrage. Many people feel cheated and disappointed that their idols and heroes cheated. These drugs, while not always illegal, are banned in specific sports to keep the playing field even. Some athletes have better access to supplements which can make games unfair. This problem is further exacerbated by the fact that these substances are against the rules, leaving those that abide by the rules at a severe disadvantage.

Craig Pickering, another athlete, once came in third place behind one of Tyson Gay’s team. Pickering was upset by the news of Gay’s drug test, claiming he once looked up to Gay and feels cheated. If Gay was using drugs during his match up against Pickering, then Pickering has the right to be upset; he may have been cheated out of a higher place in the race. Not only do athletes like Pickering feel cheated, fans of these sports feel cheated as well. These athletes are inspirations for many; a symbol of what the human body and mind can achieve.

People watch these sports, not to see a winner or loser, but to see fellow humans excel at something spectacular. If athletes enhance their performances with drugs and supplements, then they are not genuinely pushing themselves to the limit. They are using chemicals to redefine human limits, and in doing so, completely undermining the point of the sport they are trying to win. It is unfair to their fellow athletes, unfair to the viewers, and unfair to themselves. They feel the need to win, for the sake of winning alone. To do so, these athletes are willing to take sometimes dangerous supplements to enhance themselves. These drugs can have unfortunate side effects; capable of damaging everything from their personality to their fitness.

Some can blame the individual athletes. Their greed and desire to win may corrupt them into doing such things. Others have blamed the nature of the profession. They blame the fact that there is so much emphasis on winning; from your family, friends, coaches, teams, and even country. So many people pressuring the athlete to win, telling them how important a win would be. This pressure leads these athletes to using supplements, and harming themselves and the integrity of their sport in the process.

Tyler Kats is a part time news blogger from New York. He is a sports and news freak, who from time to time likes to share his views.

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