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What makes a good Speargun?

Lately, as you can tell most of our staff (well me) has been really getting into water sports. Mainly free diving and spearfishing.  In this article we are going to quickly discuss what spearfishing is and how to pick out a good speargun.

First off, we have to get into “what is spearfishing?”

spear1Spearfishing in the combination of freediving and fishing. Brave men and women will dive to the depths of the ocean on a single breath to catch some dinner.  The first question you might be asking is “why don’t you just us a scuba tank? Well you can, but for many that takes the “sport” out of this sport.   When you are trying to catch some fish, many say using a tank gives you an unfair advantage. Almost like you pull up in a jeep to shoot a lion in Africa. Where as if you master the skills of free diving, you are truly challenging yourself to find something that will make you a better person.

How do you find a good speargun?

When you first decide to go buy one, make sure you have a friend or an instructor help you pick one out. if you are not lucky enough to have an experienced friend help you, here a few tips to help you out:

Get one for the right conditions.

Don’t get one that will make it hard to use. In other words different types of water visibility need a different type of gun. If you are in a area with very low water visibility, make sure you pick one out that  is only around 2 feet long. If you pick out a really long one, it will be longer then your field of vision. For example if you can only see 4 feet in front of you and you get a gun that is 6 feet long, that would be weird… It would be 2 feet longer then your field of vision.   Meaning you would be right in the fishes face and it is very unlikely they will stick around long enough for you to try and eat them.

However if you are in a area where you can see very well, say Florida or open water, you might want to get a longer one. Since you can see so far, you can take advantage of a longer gun.  Plus, you might need it. Typically in these types of water their are larger and smarter fish. They will not stick around long enough for you to get a good shot off when you gett to close. You will need the extra length to help you catch your fish.


We hope this article was helpful, feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

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